I’ve Been Neglected Because Of My Blindness – Kwadwo Akwaboah Snr

Kwadwo Akwaboah Senior, a veteran highlife musician and record producer has said that it is unfortunate he has been neglected by industry players due to his blindness.

According to him, many people and brands he worked with in the country before the sickness have suddenly stopped working with him.

Speaking to Agyemang Prempeh on TV XYZ’s Legends show which aired on Sunday, June 28, he stated that industry players no longer call him for events.

“This is how the Ghanaian system is,” he bamoaned, adding, “Steve Wonder enjoys life [but] in this country when you encounter a little problem we are abandoned. It shouldn’t be that way.”

When asked about his working relationship with legendary highlife musician, Kojo Antwi, whom he was part of his musical band.

He said, “he no longer calls me because I can’t cope with the speed of the band. I can’t see to play that speed. First, I use about six keyboards. One keyboard is not enough for me.”

Responding to a question on how he’s surviving life, the musician and pianist credited with six albums said, “God and my son, Akwaboah Junior”

“Remember my son in prayers. Pray for him I ask God to bless him with healthy life and money,” Kwadwo Akwaboah added.

According to the ‘Hini Me’ hitmaker, Akwaboah takes full responsibility of his needs and he’s very grateful.

“I always bless him because he remembers his father [Akwaboah Senior] “Daddy, how are you?”, “Daddy, I’ve sent you money, I have sent you this, I have sent you that” I have never lacked anything because of my son”

Kwadwo Akwaboah Senior went blind in Holland a decade ago when he travelled to the European country to procure musical instruments to aid in his recording.

While away the eye problems began. It began with his left eye. So, he rushed to Ghana to seek medical attention. Upon his return, he relied on his right eye to work but it happened that he woke up one day and realized that the right eye was also gone.

Kwadwo Akwaboah, a talented pianist and singer belongs to a family of great talents. His father, Kwabena Akwaboah was a revered highlife musician, teacher and mentor to many of Ghana’s great musicians.

Legends airs exclusively on TV XYZ Sundays at 5pm.



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