Joy Fm’s Manasseh Exiled After Threats Of Death

Revelations that Joy FM’s investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni is now exiled in a foreign country because of increasing death threats after his militia documentary that exposed a secrete training camp at the Osu Castle.

Founder of Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), Professor Kwame Karikari, who made the shocking revelation on the commemoration of World Press Freedom Day in Ghana, said that Manasseh spent most part of March and April this year running and hiding from unknown identities.

The threats come after he produced a documentary titled ‘militia in the heart of the nation,’ which revealed the presence of pro-government militia force working at the former seat of government, Christiansborg Castle. It also revealed that a former body guard of President Akudo Addo was their leader and state officials were clearly aware of the illegality.

The news has sent shivers down the spine of many who fear this trend is becoming alarming.

It follows the killing of Ahmed Suale who was deeply involved in the Anas No 12 expose’ on football corruption, threats on the lives of Edward Adeti after he exposed attempted bribery by a minister of state at the Presidency, Rockson Bukari and Mugabe Masse Host of Radio XYZ’s Inside Politics, currently in court for what the Police prosecutors described as spreading false information after he alerted them earlier to protect Manasseh Azure.

Prof karikari who was speaking at an event to commemorate World Press Freedom day lasy Friday said………”In most of March and April this year, the very well known and respected investigative journalist of Multimedia fame Manasseh Azure Awuni spent virtually all of March and April this year running and hiding from rogue elements of unknown indentities who were burnt on campaign to murder him,” he said.

Prof. Karikari continued: “At first, Manasseh’s employers kept moving him from hiding place to hiding place. The police came in to provide him bodyguards for protection during the day. “Even this was not enough. The threat got so unbearable the media Foundation for West Africa had to step in to find refuge or save heaven for him in a foreign country.”

The militia group Manasseh uncovered, De-Eye Group, on its website which has been pull down, said they are a security company that provide among other things VIP protection and has since sued Multimedia. Government has also boycotted Joy FM.  Its officials described the group as job seekers but admitted the group shouldn’t have been given access to the Christainborg Castle for private use.
Manassah Azure has since been fighting back from exile through social media posts. He is debunking allegations that he run away from prosecution after the suit filed by the De-Eye Group.

An Accra High Court last week granted an application by lawyers for De Eye Group to serve Manasseh by substitution.

De-Eye says the documentary’s claim that it is operating a militia group with the complicity of the ruling New Patriotic Party is slanderous and defamatory and was made without any reasonable or just cause.


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