KelniGVG Deal: NCA Board Member Resigns

A board member of the National Communications Authority has reportedly resigned over the alleged shady $89 million contract with KelniGVG to address revenue losses and sim box fraud.

XYZ News has picked information the person is Susan-Barbera Adjorkor Boye Kumapley, the Head of the Technology, Media and Telecommunications at the NCA and a partner at law firm, Bentsi-Enchill Letsa & Ankomah (BELLA).

Government through the Communications Ministry, in 2017 signed the contract with Haitian company, Kelni GVG, to deal with suspected revenue losses and sim box fraud in the telcos.

The ministry has been fighting Policy Think tank, IMANI Ghana over the past few days over the deal insisting there is nothing wrong with the project and it is expected to save Ghana hundreds of millions of cedis that slips into private pockets.

President of IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe today faced off with deputy Communications Minister insisting the deal is fraught with fraud and must be cancelled.

IMANI maintains that the engineers at the NCA are capable of executing the job and has  gone ahead to question the wisdom behind the award of the multimillion dollar contract to a company to operate within NCA premises when a lesser amount can be spent on the equipment needed for NCA staff to execute.

He maintains that more board members of the NCA if not all, will soon tender their resignation if the company is allowed to go ahead with the project.

Mr Cudjoe who spoke on Accra based TV 3, rubbished claims by government that through the contract, Ghana will be making 55 percent savings insisting the company in question does not have a track record and that, the contract awarded is already being executed by Subah and Afriwave even though both contracts were needless.

But government insists IMANI is playing mischief of doing somebody’s bidding. Deputy Communications Minister, who was on the programme explained that apart from monitoring calls in real time, Kelni GVG can also monitor the new space of mobile money transactions.

Meanwhile, former Deputy Minister of Communications, Ato Sarpong, has described as unfair the decision of the government to award a multimillion dollar contract to a Ghanaian/Haitian company, KelniGVG for the provision of oversight and revenue assurance monitoring in the telecommunications sector.

Speaking to Neil Armstrong–Mortagbe, host of the Morning Xpress on Radio XYZ 93.1MHZ, the former Deputy Minister stated that the $89 million deal is only duplicating the work of Subah and Afriwave which were contracted under the previous government to do a similar job.

“My thinking is that this whole process will not lead us anywhere, because whatever we are asking this GVG group to come and do, Subah could have done, Afriwave could have done: If we had tightened their contracts that demanded that they install and deploy a common platform. It’s as simple as that,“ said Mr Sarpong.

The former minister’s claim corroborates the stance of Think Tank, IMANI Africa which has stated the GVG deal is s waste of state resources.The Ministry Of Communication, however, insists that Ghana is making a monthly savings of $1.1 million on account of KelniGVG’s engagement.


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