Kumasi Don’t Celebrate Their Own – DJ Candyman

DJ Candyman, a popular radio personality and celebrated disc jockey says the people of the Ashanti Region, precisely the city’s capital, Kumasi, do not celebrate celebrities who hail from the region.

According to DJ Candyman, actors, musicians and media practitioners who trace their ancestral roots in Kumasi and ply their trade in Ghana’s second biggest city usually are retired prematurely.

The ace broadcaster said the Kumasi people incessantly pass demeaning comments about members of the fourth estate of the realm and other industry players.

Using himself as an example, the former Atinka FM presenter said, “While on radio in Kumasi, at a point they branded me as wack, old. I wouldn’t be doing radio anymore if I was in Kumasi. June 7th marked 23 years on radio as a radio presenter and radio DJ. Kumasi people would have sacked me if I still work there. I worked for almost fifteen years in Kumasi before I moved to Accra, I’m not ten years on radio in Accra. I have had stints with Rainbow Radio and Atinka FM. I did two years with Rainbow and five and a half years with Atinka. While at Atinka I had six nominations. With all the hype in Kumasi I didn’t score any nomination. Judging by all these, moving to Accra has really helped.”

When asked why the Kumasi people behave that way, the celebrated radio presenter asserted that, “they easily get fed up of things”

His pronouncements comes on the heels of veteran highlife musician Dada KD’s assertion that Kumasi celebrities relocate to Accra to avoid fading away in the showbiz industry.

Speaking to Agyemang Prempeh on the maiden edition of TV XYZ’s Legends show on Sunday, June 21, 2020, Dada KD said the attitude of the Kumasi people force celebrities to migrate.

“All the challenge is our hometown Kumasi. A town built with Chiefs as the architects and with us all and our grandparents. We know our roots. If you come and misbehave in Kumasi they’ll show you your ancestral roots. It has affected our market everything,” he said in the interview monitored by mypowerfmonline.com.

The comment has sparked debates on social media with many berating him for making such statement.

DJ Candyman, sharing his opinion on the subject on the Power Entertainment show on Power 97.9 FM on Saturday night wholly agreed with the ‘Fatia Fata Nkrumah’ hitmaker.

Radio presenter and disc jockey DJ Candyman

“It depends on the individual and what he or she does.Some migrated to Accra and it helped. Everyone and his or her luck. Candyman, it helped me. I don’t speak for the masses people who stayed and worked all their lives in Kumasi worked against them,” the ace broadcaster opined.

Due to this attitude of the Kumasi people, DJ Candyman believes highly respected radio presenter, Kwame Sefa Kayi would’ve be out of job if he works in Kumasi.

“They won’t allow you to work for such years. Sefa Kayi being on radio for over sixteen years Kumasi they won’t allow it. One presenter I met when I joined Fox FM as a young boy Franklin Taylor he’s still there. That thing has really affected him. He’s really playing but no one gives him attention.”

Not only in the media industry, the multiple award-winning broadcaster and disc jockey said it cuts across all strata of society.

“If you’re a rich man God is blessing you and you don’t relocate to Accra you will lose your money. Trust me, look check the origin of most of the wealthy people in Accra. They are all from Kumasi,” he argued.

DJ Candyman stated unambiguously that the people of Kumasi are unappreciative and will fraustrate you to leave radio and persue other interests.

“Can you envisage about two years ago I went to Kumasi and played on our subsidiary station — Agyenkwa FM — I played for two-hour period. Do you know while playing the Programmes Manager asked someone to take over because he says I can’t play and I’m wack?

Which old school I do not have? Someone who’s played in nightclubs all my life what do you want to imply. You don’t respect me. You want to disregard me. That spirit is in Kumasi they don’t value what they have.”

He continued that, “DJ Black has been playing since I haven’t heard anyone lamenting about it. When he plays everyone enjoys and he’s experienced. All the guys we met in the media game [in Accra] are still relevant but if you play in Kumasi for ten years they’ll label you wack.

Responding to a question by Agyemang Prempeh if Kumasi don’t celebrate their own, he answered in the affirmative, adding that Highlife legend Daddy “Lumba is the only person they celebrate”

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