Laud of No Tribe fame replies Yaw Sarpong on ‘gospel musicians don’t acknowledge me publicly’ comment

Laud of No Tribe fame has responded to claims by legendary singer Yaw Sarpong that his colleague gospel musicians do not acknowledge his works for the gospel industry.

In an interview with TV XYZ, Yaw Sarpong said he’s never seen any gospel musician publicly praising him for his works and talent.

“OJ, Nacee, and all of them, if I’m not being arrogant I would say they all met me in the gospel industry. Long time. But I have not seen anyone praising my songs that I’m the best singer or my songs are nice,” disappointed Yaw Sarpong said on TV XYZ’s Legends show on Sunday, July 19.

He added that, “They respect me when they meet me but publicly, they do not say. But Sarkodie praised me during an interview in America”

His remarks was in reaction to a question asked by Legends’ host Agyemang Prempeh on why he’s recruiting secular musicians for his forthcoming album.

Responding to the legendary gospel singer’s comments on Power 97.9FM on Saturday, 25 July 2020, Laud said Yaw Sarpong got it wrong.

To him, it is not “by force” for gospel musicians to heed praises on the founder of the Asomafo Band because “everyone has his mentor” even though they probably enjoy listening to his music.

Laud said he strongly believes that Yaw Sarpong incessantly praising Sarkodie is a “strategy” to promote his song with the head honcho of the Sark Natives.

“His manager has in a way managed Sarkodie. So, there’s a strategy to promote the song they recorded together but that doesn’t mean he should disregard other musicians,” the No Tribe singer said.

Speaking on Power Entertainment hosted by Agyemang Nie, he asserted that obviously there are secular musicians who have acknowledged the works of Yaw Sarpong without him getting to know about it.

Justifying his point, Laud said he often performs Yaw Sarpong’s “powerful” ‘Awurade Yesu Christo Asesa Metena Bia’ song but the singer has no knowledge of it.

He, however, mentioned that he’s anticipating for a remix of that particular song and if Yaw Sarpong doesn’t invite him for the feature, he will proceed with the remix himself.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/Mypowerfmonline.com/Ghana

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