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Lawless Muslims Disobeying Ban On Noise Making – Nii Abbey Marcus

The Secretary of the Nmemete Russia chief, Nii Abbey Marcus, has described as “worrying” and “unfortunate” the decision of some Muslim communities in the Greater Accra region to disobey the orders of the Ga Traditional Council (GTC) on the ban of drumming and noise making.

Nii Abbey said the behaviour of Muslims living in the Greater Accra region clearly shows that they are violent and lawless people.

The Ga Traditional Council has placed a one month ban on drumming and noise making – it forms part of the customs which precedes the annual Homowo festival of the chiefs and people of Ga Traditional Area.

This year’s ban started on May 13 and will end on June 13, 2019, with the Odadao custom to signify the lifting of the ban.

“Any institution that will flout the rules and regulations governing this year’s festival would be dealt with. The General Christian Community and traditional authorities must show respect for one another and restrain their followers from making derogatory statements about the beliefs and practices of another’s religion,” The Acting President of the council, Nii Dodoo Nsaki II told the media during a press conference.

He called on the Christian Council of Ghana (CCG) and other Christian groups as well as the leadership of the Islamic community to restrain their members from acting in a manner that would flout the ban on noise making.

“The general Christian and Islamic communities, as well as traditional authorities, must show respect to one another and restrain their followers from making derogatory statements about the beliefs and practices of one another religion in the interest of peaceful co-existence,” he said.

But it has turned out that Muslims living in the Ga Traditional Area are not in compliance with the rules and regulations, they always use microphones and speakers for their worship.

Speaking on the matter, Nii Abbey Marcus, indicated that it’s completely wrong for them to do so, adding that “They shouldn’t be using loudspeakers to call for worship. But it seems they do not respect themselves and if they do they will obey the orders”

“Most of the time they are violent people [Muslims] comparatively to other religions”. We told the Muslim chiefs at the press conference to assure they enforce the laws on their people. It’s either education on why they must adhere to the laws was slow or it’s a deliberate attempt” he told Man Godee on the Heavens Train on Power FM last Sunday.

Asked whether the Ga Traditional Council is afraid of the Muslim communities that’s why they punish Churches who break the laws on noise making but pardon the Muslims, Nii Abbey disagreed and noted that Muslims are violent people and they do not respect themselves and if they do, they wouldn’t deliberately act anyhow.

Man Godee also pleaded with the Muslims to obey the rules and regulations of the custodians of the land to avoid any sanctions.


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