Lawyer Edudzi Tamekloe writes

Nana Addo exploited Martin Amidu’s anger against the NDC by appointing him as the Special Persecutor.

Unfortunately, the Act establishing the Office requires due process and not emotions.
The Constitution has elaborate provisions offering protections for citizens right from the time of arrest to detention to arraignment in court.

The Supreme Court in the recent case of Eugene Baffoe Bonnie and others v The Republic, expanded the scope of disclosures in criminal trials to include those involving summary trials.

You can’t really hide any serious piece of material evidence from the accused persons.
So whereas Nana Addo was thinking of a Gestapo Office of Special Persecutor, he is not getting that.

Mr Martin Amidu is still using investigators from Economic and Organized Crimes Office.
EOCO has investigated several people and initiated criminal prosecutions. Nothing new.
The President prefers to use the current Attorney General more.

She is in fact in court prosecuting different cases.

Clearly, the conduct of Nana Addo’s Attorney General should tell you that OSP was just for politics.

Martin Amidu easily fell into Nana Addo’s political gamesmanship without more.
Martin Amidu will try to please him but the steam is gone.

Yaw Buabeng Asamoah’s recent commentary on Martin Amidu betrays the NPP political subculture of using criminal prosecution as a tool of political demonization.

Martin Amidu can save the his credibility by resigning from the Office.

Nana Addo genuinely exploited his anger in a very unethical manner.

The real people who will face the Office of Special Prosecutor will be the appointees of Nana Addo once he leaves office in 2021.

Anyone with critical mind can see the various corrupt deals they are engaged in using Parliament.



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