Love brewed in the Akan Drama pot — Maame Dokono details love affair with David Dontoh

Ghanaian actress and media practitioner, Grace Omaboe, known in the showbiz arena as Maame Dokono has given a detailed narration of her relationship with colleague actor, David Dontoh.

The celebrated actress and television personality disclosed their love affair lasted for barely fifteen (15) years.

Narrating how they began dating, Maame Dokono told TV XYZ’s Legends programme hosted by Agyemang Prempeh that it “was a gradual process”.

According to Maame Dokono on the latest episode of the personality-based television show which aired on Sunday, 26 July 2020, it was a love brewed on set of 1990s popular local drama ‘Obra’ divulging they dated until David Dontoh decided to marry.

“What happened was at the time of Akan Drama, I was single, I was about forty years old. My first marriage had hit the rocks. I needed someone to protect me as a woman. Men were chasing me. When we go on tour in Kumasi, they stood on story-buildings to adore me. Women also liked me.

“I thought here was Ghana Man [David Dontoh] he really likes me. When we started the series he couldn’t touch me. He was always shaking when he’s to touch me in the movie,” she narrated.

Born Grace Omaboe disclosed that due to their relationship the ‘Devil Voyage’ actor hid it from her when he planned to walk down the aisle with another woman.

“I dated Ghana Man until he married. Before the marriage they kept their relationship secret from me. He was sacred I could have dealt with them.”

Maame Dokono, who also hosted ‘By The Fire Side’ television programme on state-owned television station — GTV — mentioned that her unwillingness to give birth again separated them.

“The relationship lasted for almost fifteen years. I dated him for quite 15 years. He protected me at that time I decided not to marry again. I had given birth to four children and Ghana Man had no child, I felt I wouldn’t give birth again. I dated him until he met his wife, then, I let him go. When I jilted him I wasn’t ready to marry again the man from France came into my life.”

The 74-year-old added that, “he cried severally but it was good because he had no child and his girlfriend had no child either. So, it was good he settle with her.”

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/Mypowerfmonline.com /Ghana

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