Maame Dokono accused of killing her husband

The Akyem Tafo family of the deceased husband of veteran actress Grace Omaboe popularly known as Maame Dokono has accused her of killing her husband.

“I was distressed if not I’m [a] strong [woman] the Tafo people would’ve laid the blame at my doorstep. He [my husband] hails from Tafo. They said I’ve killed him,” Maame Dokono disclosed.

The veteran actress revealed in a yet-to-be aired conversation with TV XYZ on Sunday, 26 July 2020 at 5pm.

Speaking on the Legends show hosted by Agyemang Prempeh, she said members of her late second husband’s family pointed suggestive fingers at her when he passed away.

Recounting how her Paris-based husband gave up the ghost in Ghana, the ‘By The Fire Side’ hostess said, “He came from Paris six months earlier and promised to return. He returned but when he came, one Saturday I was taking him to the hospital. He wasn’t bedridden. He was supposed to leave the country on Monday. He was quite unwell. But after withdrawing money from the ATM on our way to the hospital there was a little traffic. He was sweating profusely before we could get to the hospital he had stroke. Just like that.”

“We sent him to a private hospital then the doctor advised we take him to the Legon Hospital, that’s the nearest hospital. After scan and other stuff he was admitted and discharged the next day,” she added.

Maame Dokono continued, “At home when I realized how the sickness was, I know how the Tafo people behave. They make so much noise about funeral for nothing. I’ve seen one or two men who’ve died and they accused their wives of killing their husbands.

“After being discharged, I was also not well. So, four days later I informed his family about his condition. I informed them ‘Kwabena seems to suffer stroke. If you could take him and  treat him with, herbal remedies’ On one Monday they brought a car and took him. We visited them from time to time. A month after, he died.”

Alhough the actress’ late husband was with his family when death laid its icy hands on him, Maame Dokono disclosed his family accused her of poisoning him after he died.

Unperturbed by their distasteful pronouncements, the multiple award-winning actress said, she “battled with them”.

According to Maame Dokono, her deceased husband had no peculiar properties she envied which could have triggered her to murder him as his family claims.

“I told them I live in a enormous house. I won’t get anything killing him. I had two children with him. I don’t have to murder him for anything.”

The actress’ husband was buried in a private ceremony during the ban on public gatherings.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/Mypowerfmonline.com/Ghana

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