Maame Dokono: Actress Reveals History Behind Her Stage Name

Many Ghanaians grew up to hear actress and entrepreneur, Grace Omaboe, nicknamed Maame Dokono. As to how the name came about still remains a mystery.

The 74-year-old thespian has addressed the puzzle telling an intriguing story behind the name she is famously known as.

Making appearance on the Legends show on TV XYZ on Sunday evening, the actress whose name became synonymous with strong woman she played in films, disclosed she got the name ‘Maame Dokono’ based on a character she portrayed in the 1980s popular Akan television series ‘Obra’ which aired on GTV.

According to the legendary actress, who has featured in over 100 movies, “during the time of Obra, the first episode, there was a certain man [character]. He was the station master. Obra centered on the railway, so, the head of the station was station master. I sold kenkey. Anytime I send the kenkey to his office he would call me, ‘Eii Maame Dokono waba'”. 

This, she said, continued through the entire episode and she eventually earned her the moniker Maame Dokono.

The actress, who doubles as a radio and television personality said although the station master went off script and the moniker became famous, writers of the series didn’t “change my name in the script to Maame Dokono.”

She indicated that originally she was supposed to be called ‘Ghana Woman’ in that particular episode which features ‘Ghana Man’.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/Mypowerfmonline.com/Ghana 

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