Man Godee Bemoans Indecent Dressing Among Christians

Osu-based Power 97.9FM presenter, Godfred Darkwah Junior, has vehemently condemned the dominance of indecent dressing in the church.

The radio personality said indecent dressing in the country especially among Christians seems as if modesty is no longer valued.

According to him, the increase of provocative dresses in the church which is not compatible with Christian values boils down to high rates of promiscuity and immoral behaviours.

“The way they [women] show fresh when a pastor sees it, he’ll backsldie, I will backside. God created our eyes for vision,” Man Godee said on his Heavens Train programme on Sunday, 17 August 2020, on the theme: ‘Fight Against Indecent Dressing’ adding, “that’s why some pastors have slept with all their female congregants.” 

Man Godee mentioned that Christians have normalized indecent dressing claiming God looks at the  heart, therefore, they are entitled to wear what please them.

“When you complain they see God looks at the heart. If followers of Christ who travelled to Antioch had lived such lifestyle and wore skimpy clothes would unbelievers called them Christians?.

“Today, when you go to church these (indecent dresses) are all you see. They say we worship God with our hearts, so, physically we can do whatever we want,” he said.

He asserted that, “If you wear sexually suggestive clothes to church, the pastor will be tempted to sleep with you,”

Also, Man Godee observed that, “They say when you alter wedding gown without flaunting your cleavage, you’re outmoded. Manners. What did they teach you? Someone went to visit former President [Kufuor] in skimpy clothes. If he wasn’t aged he’d had taken advantage of her.”

Touching on indecent dressing among Christian men he said the waist of their trousers are lowered and fastened tightly at the middle of the two bottom lobes to reveal their boxers (pants).

Man Godee De Authentic further tagged men who wear those ripped jeans which he says is immoral, describing them as insane.

“Have you seen a police, military or immigration officer dressed in a shooddily way? Wearing indecent clothes in public when you see them they’re no different from mentally retarded person. A man who wears ripped jeans and a mad man there’s no difference because mad people wear torn clothes. Its sold GHS200 at the Bontique but giving GHS100 as offertory is a problem to them. They don’t have Bible.”

“When you visit a church it seems you’re attending a disco. Manners. Those slay queens in Ghana if we aren’t prohibited from making certain utterances on radio I would’ve made some remarks.”

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By: Bernard Ralph Adams/

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