Man Godee Urges Christians To Be Doers Of The Word

Host of the Heavens Train show on Power 97.9FM, Godfred Darkwah Jnr, who goes by the moniker Man Godee, has warned followers of Jesus Christ to act according to his teachings.

He says the time has come when Christians learn to live as the Bible teaches and not going contrary to the word.

During his radio show on Sunday April 28, Man Godee said “We are in the era where people are after unnecessary things than the true word of God.

People don’t want to practice the word but they want to hear and after listening they dump it”

He noted that the Bible cautioned against being just listeners of the word and not the doers.

“James 1:22-27:22 says But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves

You don’t fear God. Christians must go beyond hearing the word of God. People tease us”

Man Godee added ” People of God don’t want to hear the truth and if you tell them you become their enemy”

He indicated that being a doer of God’s word attracts blessings and as such if you go contrary to the scriptures you’re doomed.

In recent years, one of the many problems facing the church is that, many marriages have been collapsing and they keep blaming the devil for causing it.

But Man Godee De Authentic believes Christian marriages are not working because the 21st century couples are not obedient to God’s word, adding that “women are not submissive and men do not love their wives “.

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