Mothers Urged To Nurture Children To Adore Them

Mrs Gertrude Dadzie, a professional caterer who has led and inspired over 1000 young people with knowledge and skills, has urged mothers to nurture their wards in a way that will make them appreciate them in the future.

Mrs Dadzie, a mother of five (5), observed that some mothers don’t support their children to know much about the values of life that will compel them to appreciate peoples’ efforts.

She was speaking to Neil Armstrong-Mortagbe on the Morning Xpress ahead of Mother’s Day which will be observed on Sunday.

Mother’s Day is a day kids or children thank their moms for putting up with their embarrassing and down moments, as well as taking care of them over the years.

Lauding mothers, especially single mothers, for their work over the years, Mrs Dadzie advocated for mothers to be candid with their kids and instill in them values that will help them remain good people in the world, and also encourage them in trying times.

“…Let the kids know their individual worth, their choices and what it will lead them to and the accountability of things. Their integrity in the society, their virtues and all.”

When you implant these things, nobody is saying it is going to be easy but it is worth it in the end,” she added.

For children to appreciate their mothers and other women, she said, the education ought to start from mothers, stressing on responsible parenting.

She said if mothers have time for their children and understand their situation and mould their thoughts in the right way, there will be a happy home and to a large extent a better nation.

Madam Dadzie further asked mothers to blend spirituality,and emotions in bringing up their kids, adding, “as a mother, you must always be on your knees and pray for your children.”

On counseling, Mrs Dadzie noted: “I talk to my children. We have family counsels, we sit down and whatever challenges we have in the house, we bring it out, everybody brings their opinions an its not about me, me, me. It’s about them because you have to come down to their level to be able to understand them. If I look at my age and say I’m going to treat them or handle them according to my age, there won’t be any peace. You really need to come down to their level and when you come down to their level, they understand you.”

She also encouraged mothers to be frank with their children in all situations, be their friends to strengthen the trust that exist between them.

“My children are my friends. We talk. When there’s something I don’t like, I’ll sit you down  and I’ll tell you that Mommy doesn’t like this. This is the reason why I don’t like this…in that case, there is always peace,’ she observed.

She said in that case, there is always a trust between mothers and their kids no matter how difficult the situation may be, the children will understand them and grow with the trust that translates to love for mothers.

Mrs Gertrude Dadzie is a professional caterer with about 30years of local and international experience.


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