Musicians need to master playing instruments — Bessa Simons

Bessa Simons has advised musicians in the country to learn playing of musical instruments to better their crafts.

Learning how to play instruments, the Acting President of the Musicians Union of Ghana said, is like adding knowledge to talent and will secure their longevity in the Ghanaian music industry.

Interacting with Agyemang Prempeh on Legends programme on TV XYZ on Sunday evening, he indicated that it is a necessity to master any musical instrument.

“Very important. Very very important. The reason is that every artiste who plays an instrument, at my age, you’ll still be doing music because you know how to play instrument and have a fair knowledge about music. All the keys you sing it’s on the instrument, so at least, you’ve rudiment of music,” he said. 

Uncle Bessa added, “Know do, re, mi, fa, te, dor. It is a skill and when you need to progress, you need a skill. If you play C-minor chord you have to know what you’re singing about. There are other notes so your melodies would be much exciting, adding knowledge to talent.”

He mentioned that musicians can rely on playing musical instruments for a living when the unfortunate happens and they are unsuccessful with their singing talent.

“When you play guitar, you can always make a living. You can play at church, you will get paid. You can solely sing your songs just like Six Strings. There are currently many roadside clubs or pubs and obviously you’ll get your GHS50, GHS100 so if you play three times a week, you’re making GHS300,” he advised.

Bessa Simons further said there are several advantages of learning musical instruments apart from the financial benefits stating that it shapes one’s songwriting and singing talents.

He said, “Everything you sing, everyone who sings there’s note, so, if you don’t hit your notes right, the music will flop. That’s why most of the songs when you listen for sometime it doesn’t sound pleasing to your ears. Again, diction, when you listen to some of them [music] you hardly get the message the person wants to put across.”

“When you sing and it follows what we call, word contour, when you are singing and what to say. For instance; ‘I have a headache’ you can sing it in so many ways to mean you’ve a headache. But when you say ‘ My heaaaaaaad is achiiiiiiiiiiiiing’ then you will put people off,” he explained.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/Mypowerfmonline.com/Ghana

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