My road to stardom began as an actor  – Mikki Osei Berko

Popular actor and broadcaster, Mikki Osei Berko, known in the showbiz arena as  Dada Boat, has disclosed that he introduced himself in the creative arts industry as an actor before he explored other opportunities in the industry.

“To start with, I started as an actor. I schooled at the Roman Catholic Primary, Accra, New Town. In primary four, I was moved to another public school, ANT4 thus, Accra New Town Primary 4. We had to go to school in the morning and ANT11 pupils in the afternoon,” he said on TV XYZ’s Legends show which highlight the achievements of heroes and heroines to inspire the younger generation on Sunday, 20 September 2020.

In the conversation with Agyemang Prempeh on the Osu-based television channel, he tells him it all began back in primary school

“The most interesting thing is in those days (and that is what isn’t here these days), we had Inter-Schools Drama Competition in every district. In our school, we participate in the Inter-Schools Drama Competition. I was in primary five and my teacher Mr. Assan decided we act a play dubbed ‘The Lost Ring’.”

In the primary school drama, Mikki Osei Berko famous for hit television series like ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘Dada Boat’ played the lead role, a king.

“I portrayed the king in that particular drama,” he mentioned.

Narrating the story which would later influence his career path to end up as a professional actor and curve a niche for himself in the movie industry he said;

“A king who had two wives bought a ring for one of them, and the right got missing. They accused the rival of theft and banished her from the town. Eventually, the king announced anyone who finds the ring will be rewarded with half of his property.

“Then, one day, a guy found the missing ring. On his way to the palace, the king’s security guard saw him and apprised him if he returns it and the king gives him half of his property, as promised, he will also take half of it, so, they reached a mutual agreement.

“When the guy returned the ring to the king and was about receiving half of the king’s property, he declined. Instead he opted for 400 lashes at his bareback. He was also sharing with someone [the security] so after he was lashed 200 out of the 400 he requested to call his partner. That was the play.”

According to Mikki who also goes by the moniker Master Richard, he and his school swept the board for all the prizes in the drama competition.

“I won the best actor that year in the drama competition. Our play was adjudged the best play and I was the lead actor. That was in primary five,” he said.

After winning the award, he indicated that, “I have never looked back since. I always wanted to an actor.”

Aside from acting, Mr. Berko, is also a disc jockey. Not only that he doubles as a radio and television personality.

As well as a football coach, politician and a master of ceremony.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/ myxyzonline.com/ Ghana

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