‘NDC Gov’t Will Restore Integrity Of Nat. Security, Police, Military’ – Lanchene Toobu

Security spokesperson for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sup. RTD Peter Lanchene Toobu has reiterated the NDC’s commitment to restoring the glory of the security forces of the country.

The former Executive Secretary to the immediate past IGP, David Asante Appietu said the next NDC government will focus on the wellbeing, the personal safety and the security of the people of Ghana through the professionalism of men and women in uniform unlike what Ghanaians are experiencing under the Akufo-Addo led government.

Speaking to host of Dwaboase, Kwame Minkah, on Power 97.9 FM Wednesday, the retired police officer indicated that politics and unprofessionalism have reduced the trust Ghanaians had in the Police, Military and other security forces.

Toobu, the NDC’s Parliamentary Candidate in Wa West said although he joined the umbrella family for a very long time he never dabbled in politics while in uniform, stressing that the next NDC government will instill discipline into the security services.

“If you are in uniform and you do politics, you’ll pay for it when the NDC wins power. In fact we are encouraging Ghanaians to take footages of police and military personnel who will misbehave and intimidate Ghanaians on election day. When we win we will review all the videos and make sure they pay for it,” Toobu stated.

The ex police officer also encouraged personnel in other state security forces to work in the interest of the state, adding “Those who’ll show much professionalism will be rewarded when the NDC comes to power.”

“We will depoliticise the security service by learning from best practices around the world to ensure the people in the country are safe at all times,” he remarked.

The NDC has already alleged that the security is “seriously threatened by the presence of unlawful militia/vigilante groups” being mobilised to “intimidate, brutalise and disturb the peace of the country” especially during the elections.

Toobu who affirms the stance of the NDC maintained that the NDC, which is seeking power from the people, will continue to resort to constitutional processes ahead of the elections.

“What we are  saying is that we are not using grenades and guns, we are using the constitution,” Toobu said, pointing to the politicization of the Police Force, the Military and the Prison Service.

Asked how the NDC will uphold the best practices in the security forces, Toobu revealed an NDC government will put premium on entry requirement into the security services across the country and ensure their training is enhanced to capture the current trends of security needs as well as ebforcing the code of conduct of the personnel in uniform.


By Henryson Okrah|Myxyzonline.com

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