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NDC launch 2020 campaign at Sefwi Wiawso

The National Democratic Congress (NDC), on Wednesday afternoon formally launched their 2020 campaign ahead of the December 7 general elections.

The campaign dubbed ‘Retail campaign’ was launched at Dwenasi in the Sefwi Wiawso
constituency in the Western North Region, with most of the national NDC executives in attendance.

At the ceremony, the NDC flag bearer former president John Mahama addressed the gathering and urged the rank and file of the party to contribute to the fortunes to the umbrella family in the December polls.

“Today marks the beginning of victory for the people of Ghana, who are all desirous of a change in the political leadership because of the worsening living conditions they find themselves in, the slow pace of development, the nepotism and corruption that is engulfing almost every action of government, the state of insecurity and the trampling of the rights of many of our people,” the NDC leader said as he announced that General Secretary of the NDC would submit and file his nomination with the Electoral Commission (EC).

He said “the battle to transform our dear country starts now. The change starts
now! It is our sacred duty to win this battle, to deliver true change – not for ourselves, but for all Ghanaians, who deserve to live a better and dignified life.”

He said the 2020 campaign will be done with adherence to the coronavirus protocols, explaining that the message of the NDC manifesto will be communicated to Ghanaians via a house-to-house form of campaign.

“We have the moral duty to help stop this fake reality. We have the moral duty to restore truth, because it is only the truth that can generate real prosperity for every Ghanaian,” Mahama said to the party supporters.

He said the country and the good people of Ghana “can simply not afford to waste four more years!” and described the call by the Akufo-Addo government for four more years as “Four more years of lies and fake reality which will widen the gap between Ghana and the developed nations almost beyond repair.

“After four more years with an NPP government” Mr Mahama said Ghana will “risk being seen as a poor country once again, overburdened with debt and unable to create prosperity.”


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