New Voters Register : Ghana at crossroad, don’t sign your death warrant – YOFAG to temporal EC workers

Youth For Accountable Governance is aware that the political tension in the country today has gotten to it’s peak.

President Rawlings in an interview with an Italian media some years back said, political tensions are a leaking gas in a room. The Gas leaks slowly and continues to saturate the room until the room becomes over saturated. When it get to this stage and there is spark, nothing can stop the flames because the system had prepared itself for it.

With the reports from all civil society groups like IMANI, IDEG, ASEPA, CDD, CDG, YYA, opposition parties, men of God, our traditional leaders and majority of the population, it shows that Ghana is ripe for some very dangerous that if care is not taken will be heavier than what we have read about in our history books on electoral violence in other countries.

Today Electoral Commission for fear of their lives cannot hold any meetings without heavy security presence.

Today in Ghana everyone is afraid because of tension that has heightened in our political atmosphere just because of political power by our politicians.

Major Boakye Gyan, a victim of truth was clear in his words that there could be a civil war if things continue this way. This is a man who has seen it all, he saw what happened in Nigeria, Rwanda, Cote Divore, Liberia, Kenya, Somalia, Lybya, Sudan and other war torn countries hence his fatherly advice but it was taken out of context.

We the Youth of Ghana have also seen and read about how these wars started and how innocent lives were lost and countries becoming hopeless till date.

We don’t want that for our country, if something should happen it is we the Youth who will suffer the consequences.

Today the life of every worker at the Electoral commission is at risk. The question is that, will there be the heavy security we saw at the IPAC meeting at all registration centers during this proposed new voters Register exercise?

National Security Minister has all the facts on his table that this New register will lead to something that will be above them but they are still pushing the EC.

Our advice for the Youth who will be recruited for this exercise is for them to love their love lives and families than the 1,400 the EC has promised them because they can’t be guaranteed their lives during and after the exercise.

All temporary workers at the EC who will be at the registration centers should know that the police, the military and others forces are very angry and there is tension among them because of the stand of the EC on going ahead with voters Register in the midst of the 7,500 COVID-19 cases in the country.

They are angry because the operations they carried out during the lockdown period, most of them were not paid, those who got paid were angry because they were cheated by their superiors, the sad aspect is that they were not protected to most of them were tested positive of Covid19 and have been neglected.

Youth For Accountable Governance therefore would like to advise all our Youngmen and Women who Government and the EC want to push into their early grave should know that their lives are more important than the 1,400 allowance they have been promised.

They should know that this is not about been patriotic but it’s about signing their death warrant and this death warrant could either be from the fire at the Registration centers or from the Covid19.

They should know that the EC bosses are well protected by the state security and those who will be affected are the temporal staffs who have been recruited.

This is not about NDC/NPP but about their lives. If any of them die because of this limited Registration, they should remember the politicians and the EC will live and continue to enjoy with their families. If for nothing they should know that with life, everything is possible and at least their families love them.

We are at a crossroad, a crossroad between peace and electoral violence. This is a fact no body can run away from.

YOFAG is therefore advising government and the EC to opt for the limited Registration instead of the mass registration to enable us enjoy our peace.

We the Youth wouldn’t want to die for politicians to enjoy themselves with their families.

In Nigerian we saw thousands of Young people who devoted themselves died at polling stations, others burnt alive and today are neglected by same government who sent them there.

These are the reasons YOFAG is advising all Youth in Ghana who the EC has recruited to choose between the 1,400 they will get from the Electoral Commission and their lives because where there is life there is Hope and a better tommorow.

Kwabena Thomas

Amorse Blessing Amos

Elikem Kotoko
Communications Director

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