No Bail For Koku Anyidoho As NDC Rallies Supporters For Demo

The Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho, who was arrested Tuesday afternoon for alleged inciting comments, will spend the night in police custody following a refusal for bail.

NDC General Secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, who was part of a team of party officials to accompany Anyidoho to the CID headquarters in Accra upon his arrest, emerged late Tuesday evening from the CID offices to tell journalists and party supports that the police had refused him bail.

He faces a charge of high treason for claiming in a radio interview that the government could face a civil revolt per the level of ‘poor governance’ the New Patriotic Party-led administration had unleashed on the country.

At about 8:00pm when he emerged to address the media and party supporters, Asiedu Nketiah said the police had insisted on “whisking Koku to an unknown destination” to be kept in the custody of the police.

He said lawyers from within the party and other NDC officials had accompanied Koku Anyidoho and the police to “wherever” they were taking him, and asked party followers to return home to get ready and join a planned demonstration Wednesday morning, organized by the NDC and other political groups, to protest government’s approval of a military agreement to accommodate US soldiers and facilities in Ghana.

He said Koku Anyidoho was ‘fine’ and ‘safe’ but ‘aluta continua’ until he is released or charged before court.

Asiedu Nketiah said Ghana remains a democracy and if the government feels the kitchen is too hot, it can quit, for all Koku Anyidoho can do, being no soldier, is “to speak to convince people and if the masses are convinced that we have a non-government then the masses have a legitimate right to voice it.”

“I am saying that they should go and prepare for tomorrow’s massive action. This is the beginning, we will follow it till we secure the sovereignty of this country. We will not allow anybody to subject the independence of this country to this act of shameful act of misgovernance, so we are fighting for the sovereignty of Ghana, we are protecting the independence of Ghana because this independence and sovereignty was secured on the toils and blood of our forefathers. We are in charge now, if we cannot anything, we should be careful not to sell this country to anybody,” he said.


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