NPP Executives Demand Documents On Blay’s 275 Buses

Some executives of the New Patriotic Party are calling on leadership of the party to disclose all documents and management plans regarding the 275 buses purportedly purchased by Fredie Blay, the National Chairman.

The controversial buses were delivered by Mr. Blay few days to the National Delegates Conference.

According to Mr. Blay, the Buses were procured for all 275 constituencies as part of his plans to resource the party but his contenders sharply shot down the claims claiming it was an initiative of the party.

Some executives of the party believe the entire “buses politics” has been shrouded in secrecy hence the truth must be made known to the party.

Augustine Agbenaza – General Secretary of NPP-USA – in an interview with Starr News’ Eastern Regional Correspondent, Kojo Ansah said disclosure of procurement documents and management plans must be made known to the party executives and supporters.

“We need to see the documents as to the procurement, the cost and how they will be maintained and managed. Where the proceeds will go to who will be the beneficiaries, all those things we need to ask. We need to ask questions. Whenever any politician makes promise we need to ask questions that is what will make us citizens and not spectators.”

He added “we have not been told how the Buses will be ran, whether they will be ran on commercial bases, that tells you that it was not Buses he procured to give to the constituencies. It was a plan of the party. STC needs Buses so the Party made a plan to acquire those Buses for STC to run I don’t know whether the proceeds will go to the constituencies or not, for now everything is flawed.”

According to Mr. Agbenaza added that “at times we don’t have to take certain things with a pinch of salt. People have to make the analysis, when somebody makes a promise like this, people have to ask themselves where he is getting the money from. We know who he is, we know his profession, and how much can we estimate that he makes per year or he has made over his career. Me I don’t think that he has that kind of Money to spend on the Buses.”


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