Okyeame Kwame: Why I’m still relevant in the music industry

Rapper Okyeame Kwame says he is still relevant after twenty-three (23) years of doing professional music because he was destined to be.

But, the ‘Small Small’ rapper said he worked towards the feat he’s achieved and the success he continues to chalk in the Ghanaian music industry.

“I think that’s how God made my destiny, but, as you already know, prayers without work doesn’t work. He says show me your works and I will show you my faith. So, It’s wish and will that is how God made it, but as human being I also take steps,” he said.

In an interview with TV XYZ, Da Rap Dacta said, “I have recorded nine studio albums, released several singles, done about 500 features and learned too. In the process of doing music I have earned my first degree, masters degree and still pursuing higher education. I think these and little tricky things like my management team, young people I consult such as my stylish contribute to my relevance.”

Okyeame Kwame, who recently won the Record of the Year award at the 2020 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards stated his talent also plays a major role in his relevance as a musician.

“But in all, apart from God, I’m also a talented as a rapper. Talent’s definition is develop interest. I still have interest like when I was five years old. I have interest and develop interest, so at a point after my secondary school around ’80s I went to a certain gentleman called, Lord Marcus to teach me songwriting. He taught me but before he’d teach me, everyday he made me read one story book,” he told Agyemang Prempeh on the Legends programme.

He continued, “While reading the books he asked me to underline the metaphors, similes and oxymorons I come across. After every four days he cross-checks them to see I did it right. This widened my knowledge.”

Finding out he needed to re-strategize to position himself for the future of music, the versatile rapper returned to the classroom to acquire more knowledge.

“Knowledge is a very key, beyond that, I lived with that to the point I thought that knowledge I had about music was antiquated. I went to Tech [Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)] to study modern languages (Akan option) and music. I understudied Agya Koo Nimo for two years to learn how to play instruments. I also learned philosophy and music at Tech,” he stated.

Mr. Nsiah added, “Through the studies I understood the talent I had and how I could do it effortlessly. The knowledge acquired can sustain me for about ten years. At a point I realized branding was necessary, I went to the University of Ghana Business School to read Marketing Strategy. I realized I was aging and I don’t have to do what I did energetically but I have to do it slowly to achieve more impact.”

Known for songs like ‘Faithful’, ‘Mr Versatile’, ‘Woso’, ‘Tension’, ‘Once In A Million’, ‘Saucing’, ‘Adonko’, ‘Dum Phone Nu’, ‘Made In Ghana’, ‘Small Small’, among other chart-topping songs, Okyeame Kwame partially attributed his success to the shrewd management he works with.

“My management members are learners. My production manager is a graduate of National Film And Television Institute (NAFTI), my brand’s manager holds MBA and all my team members are education enthusiasts. Business like my music career is driven by only one thus, innovation. And innovation is also driven by knowledge.”

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/myxyzonline.com/ Ghana

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