Parliament Drops $200m New Chamber Project

Parliament has dropped plans to construct a new 450-seater parliamentary chamber after overwhelming rejection by the Public.

The decision to shelve the project was made after a meeting of the Parliamentary Service Board considering the massive social media campaign and public uproar against the decision that was expected to cost in excess of 200 million dollars.

“Before projects are completed, feasibility studies are done but you would realise that this new chamber is not something that is workable for now,” the acting Director of Public Affairs of Parliament, Mrs Kate Addo, told Accra-based Neat FM.

The huge public outcry culminated in a social media campaign dubbed: #DropThatChamber.

A number of Civil Society Organisations including the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) and pressure group OccupyGhana also condemned the idea, describing it as a “misplaced priority.”

The Parliamentary Service Board had already received the architectural model for the new chamber from renowned Ghanaian architect David Frank Adjaye, the same designer of the National Cathedral.

The 450-seater chamber will come with a chapel, mosque, restaurant, and a museum. The current chamber houses 275 seats for MPs.

However, CDD-Ghana said Parliament as it stands now is “relatively well resourced.”

On Friday, three members of the Economic Fighters League were arrested for protesting against the new 450-seat chamber.

The leader of the group and his accomplices were granted GHC2,000 bail with one surety.

The League led by its leader Ernesto Yeboah was protesting in the public gallery during proceedings.


Source: neatfm

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