Prof. Evelyn Ansah, Head Of Malaria Centre At UHAS Writes

Please this recording is coming from a person who is obviously very ignorant about malaria and vaccinations.
1. The development of this vaccine started over 30 years ago in Europe.
2. The first humans to receive this were healthy US volunteers in what we call phase 1 clinical trials about 20 years ago to establish safety.
3. The first time these vaccines were used in trials in Africa was in 2006 where rigorous safety monitoring measures were out in place. This took place in 7 African countries at 11 sites.

In Ghana children in Agogo and Kintampo were enrolled as part of this. What this means is that over 3000 children in Ghana received the vaccine and have been followed up to this time without any adverse findings.

In all about 15000 children received the vaccines during this period. Malaria is only endemic in Africa and parts of Asia that is why the vaccine is being introduced in Africa.

It is not true that Ghana is the only country introducing the vaccine. Malawi started about two weeks ago. Ghana begun this week and Kenya will begin next month.

This is a phased introduction and all parts of the country will be covered over time. The vaccine provides additional protection of 40% to children against severe malaria.

400000 children die of malaria every year and a 40% reduction can be very significant.
The vaccine has been approved for use by the FDA and they will continue to monitor its use as with all other vaccines.

Vaccines save lives. Currently there is an outbreak of measles in the US because some parents were deceived into not vaccinating their children. Ghana has eradicated measles because of vaccines. 20 to 30 children used to die in Komfo Anokye alone in the 1980’s because of measles but no death has been recorded in Ghana in the last 15 years all thanks to vaccines.

When was the last time you saw a child crippled as a result of Polio in Ghana? This was achieved because of vaccination. Now all children in Ghana are protected against over 13 deadly childhoold diseases including diphtheria, measles , poliomyelitis, diarrhoea, etc and now we are happy to include malaria and we should be happy with same.

400000 children die each year because of severe malaria and with a vaccine that can reduce this by 40%, I will recommend it any day to protect mine.



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