Pursue Your Dreams – Man Godee Advises

Media practitioner, Man Godee, is advising Ghanaians to pursue their dreams regardless of the obstacles they may encounter.

“Pursue” Man Godee said “you shall recover them all. Your marriage, business just pursue and you shall recover them all”

Delivering the fourth episode of his sermon on Sunday, 23 February 2020 on the topic ‘Exceptional 2020’, Man Godee advised his listeners not to give up on their dreams so they can have an exceptional 2020.

According to the ‘Son of the Prophet’, for 2020 to be exceptional, you have to pursue your dreams and beat the odds.

Citing a personal example, Man Godee said ”They [Pastors] told me to quit my relationship with my wife when we were dating. They said my wife has been possessed by the devil, so I should jilt her else she will cause my downfall.”

“I prayed to God but He was mute. Silence means concern” he asserted.

“They called us [my wife and I] and dissolved the relationship. I pressured the man of God to join us in holy matrimony and by God’s grace I’ve married her.” he said on his gospel programme, Heavens Train, on Sunday, 23 February 2020.

He continued “Today, a woman they claimed she will bring me down has been very supportive and good to me”

Man Godee also recounted how he was discouraged from doing radio when he started media school due to what they claimed “I do not have a radiogenic voice”.

By God’s grace, Man Godee intimated that out of the 27 students he schooled with, he is the only one still doing radio”

“I went to media school and the lectures were telling me my voice is not good for radio. They suggested I focus on disc jockeying since I was already into it before I enrolled in the school.”

Having said that, he jokingly mentioned that “Now, Kwabena Marfo of Despite Media is even doing radio”

“Pursue your dreams because David pursued and he got [recovered] them all. Change your mind, this year is a new mindset, if you want to be exceptional then change your mind. Renew your mindset with the word of God” Man counseled.

Man Godee, however, advised his listeners to refrain from consulting false prophets for miracles and pursue their dreams.


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