Savannah Region: Gunshots Fired, Houses Torched As Deadly Clashes Erupt In Taletuma

Armed men have launched a brutal tit-for-tat attack in the Savannah Regional town of Taletuma in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba district.

A number of houses have been burnt down as the gun-wielding men believed to be members of the Kong Paramountcy chased residents into the bush.

Reports are still unclear but locals say it is chieftaincy related.

Other reports suggests the attack escalated following the arrest of seven persons who are members of the gang deployed to the community by the Kong Paramount Chief.

The reports said they had gone to the town to demand sheanuts as part of a customary annual ritual.

The development was fiercely resisted by the Talekuma townsfolks who engaged the mob in a scuffle amidst firing of gunshots.

No casualties have been reported as police are yet to move in to maintain calm



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