Special Assistants Taking Over Our Jobs – CLOGSAG

Civil and Local Government Staff Association, Ghana (CLOGSAG) claims politicians are interfering with their work and taking over their jobs.

Speaking at a press briefing in Tamale, Yushawu Abdul Latif, the Northern Regional secretary of CLOGSAG, said special assistants to political heads within the Civil and Local Government Service have taken over the job schedules of its staff.

According to him, Chief Executives of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies in the region have illegally assumed a certain uncontrollable powers over its staff, adding staff who refused to kowtow to the dubious directives of these MMDCEs are pushed out of office.

CLOGSAG leadership at the presser in the Northern region

“The ‘I-Can’t-Work-With-You’ syndrome of District Chief Executives has rear its ugly head in some Assemblies,” Latif said.

“As staff of the Civil and Local Government Service, we are expected to serve successive governments without any political colour.

“Indeed, we are now being pushed out and those at the helm of affairs turn round to accuse us of not being productive”, the secretary added.

The chapter decried that it was fed up with what is happening with it rank and file, stressing the situation would not be allowed to continue while calling for a National Executive Meeting “as soon as possible to determine the matter”.


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