Sports Journalist Wants Gov’t To Invest Into Talent Nurturing

Sports Editor for Accra-based Power 97.9 FM, Nana Prempeh has charged the government of Ghana and the National Sports Authority (NSA) to champion the hunt for sport talents in the country.

Prempeh, who has covered many international sports tournaments believe the setting up of recreational centres in all the regions will go a long way to unearth thousands of sports talents.

“What I think is the way to go is for government to construct Recreational centres which will focus on all the sporting disciplines. With that, all other talents apart from football that we all know, could be monitored and nurtured to help expand our economy,” he told on Friday in relation to the commemoration of International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.

The annual commemoration was launched by United Nations (UN) in 2013 to raise awareness of sport’s contribution to society and promoting peace.  One of the key reasons behind the observation is to highlight the role that sport can play in advancing human development.

To Nana prempeh, when the government of Ghana invests in sports, it could be an avenue to contribute to strengthening the economy because the returns of sports are enormous.

“I remember when our own boxer Ike Quartey faced Oscar Dela Hoya in Madison Square Garden in New York in 1999, he swept 4 million dollars to Ghana. But in Ghana here, the state sometimes go for a 2 million dollar loan for developmental projects, so imagine if a Ghanaian becomes successful in tennis and he brings 3 million dollars back home from the international front, our economy will expand because such people will contribute to the country’s development.”

He said sport has become a cash cow for many countries and through that thousands of jobs have been created hence government should reconsider bringing up innovative policies to make sports attractive and create jobs out of for the youth so Ghana can thrive in peace.

Role Of Sports Authority

The sports journalist added that: “over 40 sporting disciplines have been registered with the National Sports Authority (NSA) but unfortunately, they focus on soccer, athletics and boxing but the basic responsibility of the NSA is to identify talents, develop the talents identified and promote them, but unfortunately, they don’t do it.”

Pic: Robert Sarfo Mensah, NSA Boss.

He also noted that in recent times, the various sporting federations are those that have assumed the responsibilities of government and the NSA to develop and nurture young talents which he said was not the best.

Nana Prempeh thus urged the government to take up that challenge and broaden the base of talent development as a tool to creating employment for national development.


Story by: Henryson Okrah/

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