Statement: Govt’s Ghc2.4bn Debt Enough To Pay Gold Coast, GN Savings Customers

The value of the Gold Coast Government Infrastructure Portfolio if paid today, will be enough to pay back all the Gold Coast/BlackShield/GCFM Structured Finance customers’ principal amounts PLUS all GN Bank/Savings deposits.

So let’s focus on the SOLUTION and who must act. We must all encourage the government agencies and the present administration to meet their obligations to contractors involved.
This is not and cannot be an NPP/NDC matter. This is beyond politics. It’s a life or death matter. No one should use “politics” as an excuse to freeze payments and projects. Pensioners, traders, soldiers, police officers, public servants, teachers, judges, MPs, students, professionals of all types and others have their principal amounts at stake.

The rule of law respects the sanctity of contracts. So contractors must be paid. That money will go straight to customers. The 2.4 billion Ghana Cedis does NOT belong to Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom or Groupe Nduom. Ghanaians must also ignore the Bank of Ghana propaganda about illegal transfers of funds abroad. Customers’ funds were invested in Ghana in credible projects, government bonds and enterprises.

That is why we are in court. To ensure that the liability is recognized to be what it is. And paid in order to meet the demands of customers. When this happens, the customers, Groupe Nduom and Government will all have peace of mind.

What is owed by private sector companies and individuals when recovered, will provide a return on BlackShield/GCFM customers’ investments.

These are the facts. Everyone must help recover funds to pay to customers.

GN Corporate Affairs

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