Stone-Angel Clash: Stonebwoy’s Apology Was Empty — Kwame Boadu Ansong

Showbiz critic and pundit, Kwame Boadu Ansong, says the apology rendered by dancehall and reggae musician, Stonebwoy, following his confrontation with Sarkodie’s manager, Angel Town, is empty.

Mr. Ansong said the head honcho of the Bhim Natives failed to divulge the exact wrongdoing he’s apologizing for, hence makes his apology ’empty’.

Stonebwoy, born Livingstone Etse Setakle reportedly had a heated argument with Angel Town during the rehearsal session ahead of Sarkodie’s ‘Black Love’ virtual concert that resulted in an alleged assault on the artiste manager.

“A few days ago at the recording of my own brother’s event, The Black Love Concert with Sarkodie, we all went out there to show love. We were all in high spirit to make sure we achieve greatness. There was a little misunderstanding with Angel his manager.

“I will use this opportunity to apologize again and say a very big sorry to Angelo and by extension to Sarkodie.

“There were no guns, there were no knives at the incident and nobody said anybody should go and attack anybody. Kindly don’t believe anything you hear online or on social media.

“We have to live in love, we have to continue supporting one another and make sure we have a peaceful environment to thrive in and grow. Check out the event on 16th of August with crazy performance,” Stonebwoy apologized in a viral video.

Commenting on the issue on Power Entertainment hosted by Agyemang Prempeh on Power 97.9FM on Saturday 15 August 2020, Kwame Boadu Ansong rejected the apology describing it as without substance.

Analytically speaking, Mr. Ansong said, “Intially reports alluded there was a scuffle which led to pulling of guns and slaps. We saw the gentleman in question, Angelo with plasters covered his face. You understand. It also came out that the fuss was deliberately created to hype the forthcoming virtual concert. But along the line from those presence, it emerged the [unfortunate] incidence really took place. Now, if you listen to Stonebwoy coming out to apologize then it means something happened, it isn’t hype. But listening clearly to the apology, the apology is empty.”

He argues that, “He [Stonebwoy] said ‘there was no guns or knives pull’. If nothing happened, why the apology? Which means something really happened. But what’s surprising is both, thus Sarkodie camp and Stonebwoy camp, nobody is telling the real incidence that happened. You let us all understand it was a virtual concert, within this Covid-19 environment, people won’t attend concerts like before [the Covid-19 era] like VGMA we all go to witness what happen. In this case we can only rely on reliable reportage that’s what we can also make concrete statement on radio but then talking from what Stonebwoy was saying about, the apology, is empty”

To him, managements of the multiple award-winning rapper and Ashaiman native afro-dancehall singer owe the Ghanaian people an explanation of what took place.

“The point is this, they should be able to tell us what really happened. So that the vaccum that has been created making rumors on social media can be stopped forever [at once]. But if Stonebwoy comes out to give us this very very empty apology and make it sound like someone has decided to manufacture [fabricate] his own story. It is not good,” he added.

The tourism enthusiast believes the recent controversies involving Stonebwoy is gradually denting his brand, hence cautioned the ‘Norminate’ hitmaker to stay away from controversies.

Mr. Ansong went on to urge the former Zylofon Media artiste to issue a detailed apology statement giving a chilling account of what transpired between him and Angel to save his brand from being tagged with violence.

“The brand Stonebwoy is beginning to have a perception or people are beginning to see that, it has a direct linkage with violence. I’m not saying gun pull or something of that sort, but there’s once, twice of things every time unless a mayhem occurs before it is resolved amicably. And it is not good for the brand. When you talk about the Stonebwoy brand now the first thing that comes to mind is, it’s synonymous with violence.”

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/Mypowerfmonline.com /Ghana

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