T.I. Surprises Tiny With A Glamorous Birthday Gift In Her Drink

T.I. surprises Tiny with a glamorous birthday gift in her drink Just because you grow older doesn’t mean you can’t be adorable. That’s how you can describe T.I. and Tiny Harris’ relationship.

Tiny turned 44 on Sunday (July 14) and in honor of the occasion, the 38-year-old rapper bought her a piece of gorgeous jewelry. In an Instagram video he posted, he showed off the chain link necklace with rubies surrounded by diamonds. The couple ended up at a bar with friends celebrating Tiny’s born day and to top off the night, Tip had the bartender hide the necklace at the bottom of Tiny’s cocktail so she couldn’t see it.

The Instagram video then shows T.I. leading a toast in celebration with everyone clinking. He’s seen asking Tiny “was your last drink that heavy?” Tiny then lifted it up and discovered there was a different kind of ice in her beverage. Eventually, Tiny used the straw to get down to the bottom of the glass, discovered the necklace, and jumped for joy.

The final part of the video shows Tiny wearing her new gift. We’re not sure what’s more impressive, the surprise idea or the necklace itself. Regardless, it was an incredible gesture. Happy b-day, Tiny!

Source: BET

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