The Entertainment Industry Is Full Of Wicked And Evil People – Music Producer, Roro

Ghanaian music producer, Roland Ackah, popularly known as Roro said the Ghanaian entertainment industry as full of wicked and evil people.

During a discussion on Kingdom FM’s entertainment show, facilitated by Londona, he said, the entertainment industry is full of wicked and evil people because industry players take issues too personal, and at certain times when they have altercations on radio, it does not end there. He again said some people go to the extent of retaliating spiritually.
‘’In this industry, you must be spiritually fortified, make your stand straight and focus, if it is God you are worshipping, worship him wholeheartedly, that is what has drawn me closer to God and now understand how the power of God works. You can have altercations with an industry player on the radio, you might think it’s just for hype. I jabbed kontihene on radio, and also jabbed Reggie Rockstone when he joined VVIP, Reggie will also speak what’s on his mind, not saying Reggie is a bad person, but sometimes when there is heated exchange of words between industry players on radio, it doesn’t end there, so never exchange with people on the radio when you are not spiritually fortified’’ he said.

He also spoke about how he suddenly disappeared from the music industry, when asked by the host where he had been all this while he hasn’t been seen acting in the entertainment industry. Again he drew the public’s attention to how daddy Lumba never called nor paid him a visit when he felt sick, upon being his bandleader.
“I nearly died, that’s why Ghanaians were not hearing from me for some time, I had a heart attack in 2016 when was in Accra, I had to go Kumasi because Daddy Lumba had to perform in at Baba Yara sports stadium in Kumasi. In as much as I didn’t want to go, he insisted I join the band because I was the bandleader and also play the bass guitar. I felt dizzy in the midst of the program, and felt I wasn’t breathing, I felt something is leaving me, I couldn’t see anything, my driver took me home, daddy Lumba and the members of the team left to Accra after the program and couldn’t check up on me, and for the past 4 years he hasn’t called to check how I am faring ”

He added that he is not worried Lumba hasn’t called to check up on him because he can say with authority that Lumba can not call him, he can’t even call to ask about his two Albums in my studio, including another two albums he did with Ampong, When asked by the host why Lumba can’t come for his album, he said, “I don’t want to talk about it”

According to him, he’s never in his life going to work with Daddy Lumba again.



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