Top Ghana Hockey Star Getty Inkoom Shares Her Experience

Name: Mrs Gertrude Ameyaw Donkor known in sports as Gertrude Inkoom

Profession: Public servant/ Ghana Revenue Authority (Customs Division)

Club/Position: Royal Ladies of Ghana Revenue Authority (Defender/Attacker or Striker)

Idol in Sports: Madam Elizabeth S. King (GOC Women In Sports Commissioner)

Hobbies: Reading and watching movies

Best Dish: Yam and Palava sauce

Best Car: KIA Sorento

Best Tv Program: Today’s woman on Tv3

Best Game Against: South Africa in Kenya

Most memorable game: Same game

Best place to visit: Dubai

Motivator: God and My parents

View on covid 19 relief package: 1 Great initiative from the sport Authorities

2. I also believe it an eye opener for all of us as sportmen and women to upgrade ourselves both by educating or learning a trade so that we can be able to take care of ourselves in such situations like this.

Advice to sports administrators: help empower sportmen and women to be self sufficient so that when they are out of sport they can still be useful to themselves and the society.

Any advice to young people: Discipline on and off the field should be their hallmark because that can take them places.

Any advice to the media: They should try and help promote the lesser known sport in the country because some of these sport are breaking ground and make impact globally.

Any awards: Best player Award in 2016/ world league 1 tournament held in Ghana.


Source:Ghana/ Nana Prempeh

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