Tracey-Mzbel Squabble: Pundits Reprimand Celebrities

Following the strife between actress Tracey Boakye and singer Mzbel on photo and video-sharing platform, Instagram, entertainment panelists on Power Entertainment on Power 97.9FM have condemned the Ghanaian celebrities.

The two showbiz personalities were at the centre of controversies when they levelled barrage of allegations against each other over a married man.

Mzbel, born Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah reportedly casted aspersions against Tracey, who are both in a concurrent relationship with a married man.

In her reply to the ’16 Years’ crooner, Tracey proudly claimed she’s the preferred mistress of the mysterious married man.

Among other things in series of videos shared on Instagram, she mocked and called her rivalry unpalatable names and bragged through the “power of Asantenii baa” she has acquired several properties from the man unlike Mzbel.

Treating the topic ‘Abusing the use of Social Media’ with Tracey and Mzbel’s scandal as case study on the Power Entertainment programme on Saturday, August 8, 2020, the pundits expressed their disappointment in the actress and singer.

The pundits were unanimous in their open condemnation of the “fight over the married man” which seems to be the new phenomenon in the showbiz industry among singers and actresses.

All the members; Fred Kyei Mensah, music producer and talent manager, television personality, Mr Sammy, Okoto, showbiz critic and voice over artiste, and Daakyehene Ofosu Agyemang, news anchor and gospel musician all spoke against the promiscuity lifestyle of celebrities in the country.

They were particular about the manace how female celebrities engage in prostitution and fluant properties acquired from the act poses on young women who look to them as mentors and role models.

The four (4) panelists were of one mind that it is morally wrong for women to be in concurrent relationship with married men and such behavior is ruining marriages.

“This is my personal assertion, so whoever doesn’t side with me, is free to do so. If anyone tells you Ghana shall prosper, it’s like someone telling you to wait for a train at the bus stop. If you’ve somewhere take your children. If you’ve a better place, do proper planning and migrate. In Ghana, a person with huge breasts and butt has glory than PhD holder. I’m telling you if you like go on an interview with someone with huge breasts and butt, Agyemang, I say it’s not God’s favor or what you’ve been saying big butt has taken over. So, if you’re in a workplace with them they’re not shrewd and knows nothing. You’re always burden with their work. Who are you to lament?” Okoto quizzed.

He added that, “You brag you’ve six houses, eleven houses. I know people, the so-called celebrities. He says anytime his wife celebrates her birthday he gifts her a car. Ask him if his house is six times the size of the Accra Sports Stadium. Anytime you buy a car for your wife where does she packs them? They customize the number plate and go for a car in a garage just to pressure you on social media. It’s not for him. When the wife drives the car for like a month he takes off the customized number plate and return the car. Then they put pressure on women to mumble they didn’t achieve much in life. ‘we’ve huge breasts and butt those men we don’t get some'”

“Life doesn’t end at 29, 40 — the reported ages of Tracey and Mzbel respectively. You will reach 50, 60. You think Tracey’s record which honourable man if had wanted to marry her will come forward? Perhaps, he is just coming to take advantage of her,” Daakyehene Ofosu Agyemang commented.

On his part, Fred Kyei Mensah who is the former manager of Mzbel poured out his frustrations at the development and wondered the implications of the scandal on young people.

“Mzbel has an NGO, she gives to charity and takes care of orphans. Those she caters for when they logon to social media and see the videos, what will they say?” he wondered.

He continued, “You described her private part, an Ashanti woman trained and this vulgar words coming from you. What is this I have cars, mansions I achieved a lot in life than you? We don’t achieve all in life. If that’s the case [Aliko] Dangote won’t be working again, but he wants more. Oliver Twist asked for more. I will plead with Mzbel and Tracey Boakye”

During his submission, Mr. Sammy remarked, “I can’t say much but what I will tell Tracey is; she should remember her roots, she should look at how she looked before and where she’s reached. In life if you don’t take care you’d think you’re done with life. If you’ve ever seen a wealthy man lose all his possessions and can’t afford a meal, then when you talk you will think. When you get rich then you’re bragging you’ll think twice.

“I think sometime ago Tracey had similar issue and just a phone call. Immediately, I called she stopped because she knew how we were. I said ‘Tracey, don’t talk on radio again’ that was it. Tracey should ask herself who can tell her that when she’s doing something and the person tells her to stop then she does.Tracey should ask herself if she has that person in [her] life. If she doesn’t have such person she should be careful. If she doesn’t have because she feels she’s rich than the person. If God has blessed you don’t talk too much. No matter how she got it she should be careful. I can’t say much because of how much I know her. She should humble herself. We shouldn’t take life anyhow we’re destroying our culture.”

Meanwhile, Tracey Boakye has since apologized to Ghanaian women for the vulgar words she uttered during her squabble with Mzbel.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams / Mypowerfmonline.com/Ghana

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