US Ambassador Mad For Persuading Ghana To Embrace Homosexual – Foh Amoaning

The leader of National Coalition for Proper Human Rights and Family Values, Moses Foh Amoaning, has slammed the US Ambassador to Ghana, Robert Jackson, on his recent assertions on homosexuality.
The ambassador in an interview with Ghanaweb News Editor,  Kyenkyenhene Boateng,  said he expects Ghana to legalize homosexuality in the next decade.
He believes Ghana will get to that point eventually where they better appreciate the subject, and accept the fact that homosexuality is not a choice of lifestyle as many perceive but to understand that people are born as such.
“This is a long process and it was a long process in my country. Homosexual marriage has only become law in recent years and prior to that when I was growing up, nobody talked about homosexuality. Everyone who was gay suffered enormous discrimination and that has changed in the United States because people have a better understanding of the science and issues. I think that as Ghanaians gain a greater understanding of the science and issues, they’ll also be very tolerant because this is a very tolerant country and this is one area where Ghana’s tolerance seems very limited”.
He added that he expects Ghana to embrace homosexuality in the next decade.
But reacting to the issue on Power 97.9 FM Friday, the vociferous legal practitioner took Ambassador Jackson to the cleaners for his comments, and said he is bereft of common sense.
“He’s a white man who’s mad.  He says those who don’t recognize homosexuals’ rights are myopic. Have you seen animals do that before? Have you seen two male animals mating before?” he told Oheneba Boamah.
He said the Ambassador is rather the myopic minded person for his homosexuality advocacy.
“His words don’t make sense. These whites, if they are talking, they regard us, the blacks as fools.  Imagine this man who calls himself an ambassador saying those who don’t fight for gay rights are myopic. He is not worth his post. If his mother had married a woman would he be here to say this nonsense? If his father had married a man, would he be here calling himself an ambassador?”
Mr Foh Amoaning entreated Ghanaians to ignore the American Ambassador and kick against any attempts by government to legalise homosexuality in the Country.


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