UW/R: Burkinabe Gunman Arrested At Catholic Church

A suspected Burkinabe gunman has been arrested at Hamile in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

The suspect, Bilgo Tibila Desire, born January 1, 1968, was reportedly picked up during a church mass in Hamile on Sunday, June 2, 2019.

A search conducted on him allegedly revealed a gun loaded with 9 bullets.

However, the suspect, according to reports, has been sent to regional police headquarters in Wa.

Investigations are said to be ongoing in the matter.

A search on him further revealed a purported national identification card of Burkina Faso which indicates that he is a Macon (French word for builder).

Another identity card found on him shows that he is a Director of a Burkinabe firm named Establissment Bilgo Tibila & Freres.


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