Volta Regional Minister Fingered

An outspoken resident, Afua Dzansi Asamoah has written an open letter to the Regional Minister, Archi Archibald Yao Letsa who she fingers to be behind the arrests.

Her letter reads….

“I have held my quiet over a  lot of things happening in the Volta Region. The reasons are not far fetched. But now I can’t hold my peace any longer. I know I stand to loose a lot because of this including job but …someone has to do it..and God is my sustainer.

Efo we have been in Ho for years and have known of this study group. We also know of another group led by a retired army officer who later died.

I do not know when Togbe became a threat. If declaring May 9 a special day for Volta is a crime then history is a criminal. If Togbe has a motive where is his means? What can he do.?

If the claim is he is training people, in what? There are worse issues to address such as the killers of Daa Abra.

The wee farms allegedly owned  by top policemen in Alavanyo.   The report on the Alavanyo shooti mgs that you are keeping and many others.

I don’t know who is your security coordinator. Please do well to  set  Togbe  free. For if anything happens to him his blood would be on your hands.

Your little big sister.

Afua Djansi-Asamoah.



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