‘Vote Mahama for more better paying jobs’ – Edem Agbana

A deputy National Youth Organiser of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Edem Agbana has stated that the NDC has a robust plan to create better jobs for the unemployed youth in the country.

Urging the youth to endorse the candidature of former president John Mahama by voting for him and the NDC on December 7, 2020, the youth activist observed that there are millions of Ghanaian youth without jobs and assured an NDC government will prioritize them when elected to power unlike the current government that has neglected them.

“For the millions of unemployed youth in Ghana, this election is about JOBS. In the People’s Manifesto, we have a robust plan to provide Decent and Sustainable Jobs,” Agbana stated in a statement.

He argued that the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) government has not created better paying jobs for the youth yet keeps touting a massive employment opportunities for the youth.

NDC’s Projections Under Economy

The NDC has said job creation will be the “predominant preoccupation of the next NDC Government as a way of enhancing the livelihoods of our people, under a One Million Jobs.”

As part of plans to sustaining small businesses, the NDC has promised to, from the beginning of 2021 and into the medium-term, offer several tax reliefs to the private sector, especially MSMEs to enable them to recover and get back to their full operating capacities.

The long-suffering Ghana Cedi, the opposition party noted, will be stabilised and strengthened, pledging that “the private sector will receive the biggest job-related stimulus package in Ghanaian history.”

The NDC has also offered to ensure that firms leverage on these tax reliefs to expand
their scope of production and employ more Ghanaians to help boost the economy.

Among other things, the NDC has promised in its manifesto to exempt small businesses  entirely from corporate and personal income tax, reduce corporate income tax for medium size companies from the current 25per cent to 15per cent while newly established medium-sized companies that employ up to twenty (20) staff will be exempted entirely from the payment of corporate income tax for one year.

Newly established medium companies that employ more than twenty (20) staff will be exempted entirely from the payment of corporate income tax for two years, according to the NDC while commercial vehicles and other equipment imported into the country for commercial, industrial and agricultural purposes will be exempted from import duty.

These and many other policies in the NDC manifesto is why Edem Agbana believes the face of Ghana politics will change once the youth vote for John Mahama.  He emphasized that the the next NDC government will provide dignifying jobs that will pay well under their numerous job creation policies.

“Our politics will see a radical transition from the mediocre service of giving young people low-paying, undignifying temporal jobs, to the provision of Decent and Sustainable Job,” Agbana added, making a strong case for the Ghanaian youth whom he said
“deserve better.”


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