Water Shortage Hits Parts Of The Country

There are reports of water shortage in parts of four regions in Ghana. XYZ News has learnt the areas hit hard are the Western regional capital, Sekondi- Takoradi and tamale in the Northern region. In Takoradi, the crisis is affecting those in hilly areas most and in the Northern regional capital residents spend several hours in search of water.

Hundreds of people in the metropolis are seen daily with yellow gallons on motorbikes, tricycle and bicycles searching for water from streams and dams as Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) failed to supply them with water.

Even water tankers which sell water to residents are also finding it extremely difficult to get water as the drivers stayed in long queues for several hours at water supply points.

The current crisis is seriously affecting small businesses including chop bars and hospitality industries which heavily depend on water.



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