We Are Not Investigating Any Party Funds Transfer…PNC

The People’s National Convention(PNC) has not taken any decision at any level of the Party to investigate the alleged transfer of party funds into any personal or private accounts.

The National Treasurer of the party Mr Akane Adams who doubles as the Chairman of the Finance Committee draws his mandate and authority from the party and he cannot use that mandate discretionarily without recourse to the party.

According to a statement signed by the Acting General Secretary of PNC, Jacob Amoako the party is surprised by the false impression being created in the media that any such decision had been taken to constitute an ad-hoc committee to look into this matter.

No such committee has been formed and no member of the party has been appointed into such a non-existent committee. This is the reason why three good months down the line, nothing has been heard of that so-called committee and its activities.

As the Party gears up for the 2020 elections, there has been a Roadmap for the reorganization of the party structures from the polling station to the national level. The party has thus so far organised polling station and constituency elections in some constituencies across the country before the unfortunate advent of covid-19 and the attendant restrictions.

The Party wishes to state that the said press release and consequent media publication on this non- existent or illegal committee if it indeed exists should be disregarded and treated with all the contempt it deserves.

The Party has the appropriate and requisite structural arrangements to deal with any such matters as the misappropriation or misapplication of party funds. No one party executive has any such power including Mr Adams Akane, the National Treasurer.


Source:Ghana/myxyzonline.com/93.1MHz/ DaakyeHene

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