‘We Are Overwhelmed By NDC’s Policies In Manifesto’ – GFL

The Ghana Federation of Labour (GFL) has commended the opposition National democratic Congress (NDC) for its “well thought out” policies lined up in its manifesto.

The Secretary General of GFL, Mr Abraham Koomson, in an interview with Myxyzonline.com stated that the manifesto of the main opposition party launched last week has packaged promises that “covered all sectors of the economy.”

“Even though manifestos contain packaged promises, the NDC as a political party has a track record of fulfilling projections,” Mr Koomson said while he commended the party for accepting inputs from various labour unions that reached out to them.

NDC’s Projections Under Economy

The NDC has said job creation will be the “predominant preoccupation of the next NDC Government as a way of enhancing the livelihoods of our people, under a One Million Jobs.”

As part of plans to sustaining small businesses, the NDC has promised to, from the beginning of 2021 and into the medium-term, offer several tax reliefs to the private sector, especially MSMEs to enable them to recover and get back to their full operating capacities.

The long-suffering Ghana Cedi, the opposition party noted, will be stabilised and strengthened, pledging that “the private sector will receive the biggest job-related stimulus package in Ghanaian history.”

H.E John Mahama, NDC flag bearer at the launch of the manifesto

The NDC has also offered to ensure that firms leverage on these tax reliefs to expand
their scope of production and employ more Ghanaians to help boost the economy.

Among other things, the NDC has promised in its manifesto to exempt small businesses  entirely from corporate and personal income tax, reduce corporate income tax for medium size companies from the current 25per cent to 15per cent while newly established medium-sized companies that employ up to twenty (20) staff will be exempted entirely from the payment of corporate income tax for one year.

Newly established medium companies that employ more than twenty (20) staff
will be exempted entirely from the payment of corporate income tax for two
years, according to the NDC while commercial vehicles and other equipment imported into the country for commercial, industrial and agricultural purposes will be exempted from import duty.

Against this backdrop, the GFL Secretary General said,”we are overwhelmed by the well thought out presentations which covered all sectors of the economy” stressing that the NDC’s promise to “review numerous taxes which have rendered local manufacturing companies uncompetitive with imported products would revive the industries to create employment.”

“The process of getting the major stakeholders [and] the government to sanction amendment of Laws has been a nightmare for organised Labour. Therefore it’s a major relieve for a potential government to show commitment to repeal unfriendly statutes,” Mr Koomson added.

He also appealed to the main political parties to consider reviewing the Pensions ACT which he said “has to be amended to address the concerns of contributors to the SSNIT fund” as well as reviewing the Labour Act 2003 ACT 651.

Mr Koomson said as a unionist, he was elated when the opposition party said they will be committed to restoring inclusive growth to appreciable levels, while the business environment be made friendly again, especially when the NDC leader, John Mahama, assured
they will put an immediate end to the “vindictive targeting and collapse of indigenous
Ghanaian businesses and its attendant job losses.”


Source: Ghana|Myxyzonline.com

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