Yaw Sarpong dispels rumor of being married to longtime workmate, Tiwaah

Gospel singer, Yaw Sarpong, has denied emphatically rumor that he’s married to his longtime workmate and friend, Tiwaah of the Asomafo Band fame.

The legendary gospel singer said he has never been romantically involved with the female gospel musician.

Rumors were rife on social media that the two veteran gospel musicians are in an amorous relationship.

However, in a conversation with TV XYZ’s Agyemang Prempeh on the Legends show on Sunday, 19 July 2020, Yaw Sarpong brushed off the wildspread news in the media.

The singer, who is credited with twenty-five (25) albums disclosed he’s married to Adwoa Pernaman with whom he has four children with.

How Yaw Sarpong Met Tiwaah

Speaking on the Legends show, he gave a chilling account of how he discovered the silky voice Tiwaah in the late 1970s.

“I met Tiwaah in 1978 whilst with Professor Kofi Abraham. We went to a funeral and I saw a singing band ministering but I heard a captivating voice and realized it was her. I contacted her that I will form a group and will need her to join me. She told me she was at Atonsu. So when Ahenesa poached me in 1981 I informed them I knew of a lady who says she resides at Atonsu.

“I followed and brought her to Ahenesa. I started with her. She has never been my wife. They’ve started changing the narration. They are tired. Once I’m working with her she’s my wife.

“Since 1981 I recruited her to this day I have been with her. I think in Ghana you can get any, I don’t see people working for that long. But people don’t know how I managed to get Tiwaah. It is because of how I searched for her that thing is what she saw I’m that person she can work with.Everyone Tiwaah has worked with in the music industry doesn’t know her roots. I discovered Tiwaah and brought her to work with me. When we started recording hits [songs] everyone wanted to feature her.”

Yaw Sarpong also categorically denied ever making love to Tiwaah.

“When I went for Tiwaah I made her stay with my wife — her mother had rented a house fot her. That was where Tiwaah delivered her second born. When I recruited her she had already given birth to her first child. She gave birth to her second born and the child is now about 35 years living in Germany. She birthed her third child also there. She gave birth with her husband Yeboah — but the marriage couldn’t last.”


According to Yaw Sarpong, the husband of Tiwaah’s daughter surprisingly, shares the same surname as him making people think he’s the father of the child.

“I have no child with Tiwaah a few years ago a radio station in Holland reached out to me about that.

“Something has been coincidental so people don’t believe my narration. Tiwaah’s child, she’s called Rita. When she moved to Germany she met a lad who married her.

The lad is called Kofi Sarpong after the marriage rites his [surname] ‘Sarpong’ was added to Tiwaah’s daughter’s name becoming — Rita Sarpong — when people discovered Tiwaah’s daughter is Rita Sarpong they concluded it’s Yaw Sarpong’s child, but that’s not it,” the multiple award-winning singer clarified.

By: Bernard Ralph Adams/Mypowerfmonline.com/Ghana

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