‘You’ve a sacred duty to change NPP this year’– Mahama to Ghanaians

A change in government after the December 7 presidential parliament election is a must, flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama has said.

Mr Mahama said during the launch of the NDC’s campaign on Wednesday October 7 that Ghanaians have a Godly duty to ensure that the governing New Patriotic Party is kicked out of power through the ballot.

He explained that the past three and a half years of the NPP administration has seen the country gone through hell and serious economic challenges due to bad governance.

The former Ghanaian leader said Ghana will be doomed if the NPP stays on for another four years.

This he said, is due to the economic failures seen in the country over the past three and half years of the present administration.

He noted that the present government has presented fake realities regarding the economy and also the standard of living of Ghanaians.

“The battle to transform our dear country starts now. The change starts now. It is our sacred duty to win this battle to deliver true change not for ourselves but for all Ghanaians who deserve to live a better and dignified life.

“Ghana will be doomed if we stay four more years trapped within the fake reality where the NPP propaganda machine paints a rosy picture that everything is perfect while in reality it is rampant corruption, collapsing businesses and never before seen levels of unemployment and underdevelopment.”

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